Stratas Quality Management

Stratas brings quality to the cloud.

Stratas Quality Management (QM) is a rapidly deployable, cloud-based quality management system. It enables companies of many different verticals to create, track, manage, and report on quality-related activities. Stratas offers out-of-the-box processes based on best practices from leading companies. But, it also allows you to tailor processes for custom needs. Use Stratas to start a new quality management program, or expand on an existing one. 


Out-of-the-box quality processes.

Say goodbye to paper, fax, email, and phone. You can manage these processes and several more from a single integrated platform. Click on any process to learn more:

Increase collaboration with suppliers.

Stratas Supplier Collaboration helps you to manage quality incidents across company as well as with supply chain partners. Enjoy increased visibility and become more proactive about quality events. 

Actionable insights and analytics.

Generate operational dashboards and reports on-demand. Get a comprehensive view of quality events and trends across the organization.  Track corrective and preventative actions to ensure regulatory compliance. 


A secure and compliant environment.

Stratas offers a safe and reliable multi-tenant environment built on Amazon Web Services. It complies with 21 CFR Part 11, GxP, EU-U.S. Privacy Shield, and has achieved SOC II attestation.

Quick deployment and validation.

Stratas can be deployed using Sparta’s rapid and cost-effective QuickStart program. It includes a comprehensive validation package with full performance qualification. 

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